Day +259, November 5

Just a quick update to give some good news. It’s nice to be able to write and not have to report any kind of bad news at all. In thinking about going home and having Rafi get involved in some age appropriate play time, Jackie wanted to speak with Dr. Tolar about how careful we had to be in exposing Rafi to other children who may be in day care/preschool. After all, Rafi doesn’t have a fully functioning immune system, and one that is B cell comprised on top of that. Add to that fact that flu season is upon us. Needless to say I was a tad petrified thinking about the number of germs that Rafi could potentially be exposed to.

I am a little more insistent upon keeping Rafi in a little bubble for a period of time until her immune system is mostly back. Jackie rightly wants her to have time with kids her own age. If you think about it, with a few exceptions, Rafi has not played with kids her own age in close to a year and a half. When she is at the hospital for physical therapy or some kind of therapy, Rafi will stare at the children and be infatuated with them. She needs to be around kids, and Jackie is more insistent on that fact than I am. For good reason too, I am sure Rafi is behind other kids her age when it comes to interaction skills and such. She’ll catch up, she is certainly smart enough to learn quickly how to interact with other kids, but imagine your kid not playing with other kids for close to a year and a half. It certainly makes me sad but I know it is for the best.

Anyway, yesterday, Jackie and I spoke with Dr. Tolar about this and we got the thumbs up for intelligent child interaction. What is intelligent child interaction you ask? Well, we still need to monitor, to a degree, if whoever she is going to play with has been exposed to sickness. Dr. Tolar told us we should trust the parents of her friends to be vigilant. There is a leap of faith for you for sure. Thankfully, Jackie has surrounded herself with some great mothers who will always keep Rafi’s best interests at heart.

Now for the really great news. Rafi doesn’t have to wear her blue mask as much anymore. She can go outside without the mask. I can only imagine how nice that feel of fresh air on her face is going to feel. The smell of the outdoors will hopefully make her smile. She can go into stores, at off times, without her mask. I smile just thinking about it. Rafi has surpassed another milestone and Jackie and I couldn’t be happier.

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